Submissions should focus, broadly, on the theme of migration, but we are eager to consider pieces that approach the topic from a wide variety of perspectives. We will consider work in a range of styles and genres, from essays and journalism to visual art and video/audio (e.g. interviews, recordings of events, documentaries) and to book/film/event reviews. While migration is a subject of great contemporary importance, we are also happy to receive submissions about historical issues and events. Please refer to the following guidelines for submissions:

Text submissions: Please keep to a typical blog post length. We generally try to keep posts shorter than 2000 words, but if you are interested in contributing a longer piece, send us a pitch at All submissions should be sent in Word format with citations includes as endnotes (preferred to footnotes).

Non-text submissions: If sending photography for consideration, please send us the highest res possible in .jpeg or .png format. All audio and video submissions sent must be embeddable; we cannot accept original files for upload at this time.

Please note: As we aim to maintain the blog as an accessible forum, we are not looking for academic jargon! This blog is an open academic space where contributors are welcome to test out unpolished ideas and present their developing research questions.

For copyright protections, see our copyright page.

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