About the Forum

The CAMMIGRES Forum blog

Founded in the University of Cambridge in January 2016 by Nooreen Reza (MPhil ’16, South Asian Studies) and Melissa Gatter (PhD, Middle Eastern Studies), the Forum Blog began as a project of the CAMMIGRES Forum Research Network. This blog aims to provide space for discussion amongst and between students, faculty, researchers, and community members regarding pressing issues of migration and to contribute to the global effort to address these issues. The blog is an open forum that encourages contributors and readers from all disciplines and affiliations to present and analyse ideas in an accessible format.

Interested in submitting a piece? View our submission page and guidelines.


Launched in January 2014 by co-founders and Professors Madeleine Arnot and Loraine Gelsthorpe and Research Associate Dr Jessica Wheeler, the Cambridge Migration Research Network (CAMMIGRES) brings together a superb tract of migration research, spanning 23 University of Cambridge faculties, departments and centres. CAMMIGRES researchers‘ interests orient around the impacts of past and present migration in relation to human evolution and development, social, legal, and economic policy, governance, professional knowledge, institutional practice, and social relations.

The Cambridge Migration Society

The CAMMIGRES Forum blog is also supported by the Cambridge Migration Society. CMS, founded in 2015, is composed of current and former members of the Cambridge academic community, and aims to raise awareness on migration-related issues by fostering exchanges between academia, public institutions, and the civil society.


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